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Explore how SINAI is bringing value & enabling decarbonization across industries & sectors
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Manufacturing Company


Siemens has set ambitious emissions reduction targets: Siemens Energy is set to achieve Climate Neutrality by 2030, Siemens Infrastructure by 2025. Explore how SINAI is helping Siemens kick off its strategic decarbonization initiatives around emissions data management and mitigation project evaluation & implementation.
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Wastewater Utility Company

BRK Ambiental

BRK is a wastewater utility that was able to identify its decarbonization strategy using the SINAI platform. Learn how SINAI enabled collaboration, mitigation project evaluation and strategy development at BRK to successfully decarbonize.
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Wastewater Utility Company


Balance investment between technology
& efficiency targets using automated Marginal Abatement Cost
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SINAI Decarbonization Platform

Measure, consolidate and report on company impact
Project future emissions and explore business scenarios
Low-Carbon Scenarios
Organize and compare emissions reduction
Quantify targets, emissions gaps, prices, & budgets
Value Cain Management
Engage your value-chain and find opportunities to meet
decarbonization goals

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